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Stem Cells to Re-attach Teeth

By: Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc - Updated: 15 May 2018 | comments*Discuss
Stem Cells Re-attach Teeth Tooth Grow

Tooth loss affects people in Britain and elsewhere around the world. While modern dentistry offers a number of options for missing teeth, these still take time and can be costly.

Helping Treat Tooth Loss

A new experiment, however, suggests we may one day be able to re-attach teeth by using stem cells. People can lose their teeth in many ways but gum disease is a significant problem for many people.

There are estimates that as many as eighty percent of adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. This infection is a very serious one that can ultimately lead to tooth loss later on in life. Other people may suffer trauma and lose their teeth.

A New Way to Battle Tooth Loss

In this recent study, researchers took stem cells from a specific ligament in the molars of mice. They treated these stem cells in the laboratory and then used them on barren molars. Once these molars were inserted back into the empty sockets of the mice, they eventually anchored back into the space.

Healthy Tooth Attachment Using Stem Cells

It was at around two months that stem cells began to create new attachments from the tooth to the bone. The result was that the attachment was a solid one and the re-attachment was considered a success.

As researchers looked at the tissue, they could see that surrounding the tooth were fresh ligament fibers and a substance called cementum, which is another part of a normal tooth connection. When compared to tooth molars that were re-attached without these stem cells, the attachment was unsuccessful.

Growing Teeth Using Stem Cells

Previous studies have looked at ways to grow teeth using stem cells. In another study, researchers used special tooth-shaped scaffolds along with specific proteins and growth factors to draw in stem cells and develop the bone. Perhaps most incredible was the fact that this growth occurred in only nine weeks. It’s a new direction of stem cell studies that can offer another potential option for people who lose their teeth.

Even more unique is that it works by attracting stem cells already in the person’s body rather than requiring an injection of stem cells from a donor. The quick recovery time and natural use of the body’s own resources would make this a particularly attractive dental treatment one day.

A Novel Treatment for Tooth Loss

For the study that looked at re-attaching teeth using stem cells, it is the first time that such a treatment has successfully been performed. It is thought that it would be valuable for those people who have experienced trauma and lost a tooth. This might be an athlete or someone who is in a car accident. In particular, it may be used for the significant numbers of people who suffer from severe gum disease and experience tooth loss.

Dental Implants Continue as a Treatment of Choice

Until then, there are still dental implants and these are largely successful. But a new stem cell treatment that utilises the body’s own resources to quickly re-attach teeth would be a welcome addition to dental options for missing teeth.

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Am from India my tooth became sensitive I would like to replace my tooth using stem cell method. When it is going to launch in India. Please let me know.
Nithya - 15-May-18 @ 12:44 PM
I have had dentures for years. I wish the dentist had have told me not to get them. I hate the constant saliva build up. I only wear them when I walk out the front door because they feel horrible. They have affected me emotionally. I have very little self confidence because of them. Dental implants are so expensive. This would be fantastic and would love to sign up for the trials
Linda - 12-May-18 @ 10:37 AM
My toorh loss journey started in my 30s with a car accident.Partial dentures wore at my exising teeth, with the result of full top ill fitting dentures and painful bottom teeth. They have stopped me eating causing poor health.I have no confidence for socialising and live a miserable life.I am unable to afford implants so for me, this new technology would be like being reborn.Excellent prospect.
Milly - 9-May-18 @ 3:08 PM
I didn’t go to the dentist growing up because my parents couldn’t afford it. I went for the first time in my 20s. My teeth are terrible. I’m missing 3 and getting ready to need a 4th removed. I’d pay to be on a trial for stem cell teeth regrowth. $3-4 thousand bucks? I’m in. Much better than a bunch of implants at my age of 35.
Ams - 7-May-18 @ 12:13 PM
Hi , I am so desperate I have been loosing my teeth at a very rapid rate due to dentist not caring enough to help it is all about the money with them I dont even have a gum disease just receding gums.I would move heaven and earth to have this trial , please consider my I am will pay for it as well. many thanks . Blackie
Blackie - 3-May-18 @ 12:29 PM
i have two rootcanels and one tooth that aches. i relalize that so much disease in our bodies start with our mouth. Hence keeping my mouth healthy is really important to me. Im so ready to heal ans get to be a first in stem cell theray.
Carol Conrad - 29-Apr-18 @ 5:24 AM
Excellent work ! Im very interested in how far this has come. Does it require open flap surgery?. How is it applied ? Will there be human trials ? I have gum loss , bone loss, connection fibre loss. Still have my teeth , only just. The're hanging on a thread and can't use most of them. I am also willing to participate in any trials.Please contact me. Regards Chris.
Chris - 29-Apr-18 @ 12:31 AM
Hi could you keep updated on this research please
Bert - 14-Apr-18 @ 7:43 PM
I would like to be considered for this trial and treatment. I have had chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer and have lost many teeth. I am not eligible for dental implants because of my disease and severe gum disease. I am willing to pay towards the cost of this treatment. Thank you for your consideration.
Lou - 10-Apr-18 @ 11:20 PM
I am 32 years old and my teeth are falling apart..i don't have the money to go to the dentist and its casuing so much pain and also its just extremely depressing...I would be over the moon to be able to participate in this trial please contact me if possible...thanks for your consideration. -Julia
Jules - 5-Apr-18 @ 6:16 PM
I need this stem cell treatment asap. How do I get it and where. I'll travel anywhere
James - 30-Mar-18 @ 8:51 AM
I am 34 years old. I have always had teeth problems, due to a medicine my mother took when she was pregnant with me. I would love to have a beautiful smile. When I smile, I never show my teeth. I am embarrassed. I looked into implants. Please consider me for your trial.
Aura - 30-Mar-18 @ 5:56 AM
I had my teeth knocked out by a fella when I was 25, had to get them all removed as they were disintegrating and causing such pain. I have a really small mouth so dentures don't fit properly. I can't afford inplants, what I wouldn't give to be able to smile again with my own teeth. I'm not even 30 yet and my confidence is horrible and is causing so many problems with me finding work.
Jess - 27-Mar-18 @ 1:28 AM
Please recommend me for stem cell treatment for teeth because my lack of teeth are causing me to.have mental health problems
Tina - 21-Mar-18 @ 2:52 PM
I am 34 and have extracted 8 of my tooth due to tooth decay. I will be glad if these new development will be carried out on mytooth. Thanks
Stef - 20-Mar-18 @ 9:18 AM
I am in my fifties have a few implants and my remaining teeth are wobly. I would love to participate in any trial.
Regene - 20-Mar-18 @ 12:28 AM
Would be very interested in any trials for this as losing my teeth at 48- as other people have commented it is making me extremely depressed and I would do anything to have a chance to take part in a trail.
chris - 18-Mar-18 @ 8:27 PM
Hi i have been suffering from gum disease for a few years now and have had several teeth extracted as well as teeth being weak and all gradually breaking. Going to the dentist is far beyond my reach as they are wickedly expensive. I live in Australia and we do have public dental but the waiting list is so long that i will be toothless by the time o get anywhere near a consultation. Quite disgusting really in a supposed wealthy country such as this. I would like to be advised though, if and when there will be possible trials available in Australia for the stem cell replacement. I have searched and searched and am unable to find anything. I would gladly put my hand up as a guinea pig for this procedure as each day is becoming more and more embarressing as each tooth is lost. Please help.
Cherbear - 16-Mar-18 @ 9:20 AM
Hi there, the research you’ve shared shows great promise. I would love to keep updated and understand how soon would something like this be available in the real world. If at all you’re looking to find participants for the human trials, I would like to throw my name in the ring. I am 28, healthy and with an average set of functional teeth (a few fillings over the years). However, I do have a root canal treated broken tooth that has deteriorated and can no longer contain a filling or be covered with a crown. My jaw bone and gum line are in excellent condition though. Whether you can regrow the existing tooth or generate a new one, am game! If you’re looking for a participant like that, well then, we are made for each other, clinically speaking! :) Thanks for the fascinating read. I hope it becomes a reality in the next few years (and not decades lol).
Sherry - 8-Mar-18 @ 11:40 PM
I have experienced gum disease for some time. I absolutely hate my teeth due to receding gums. There have been times where I have been in a dark place. AlthoughI am a senior citizen, there have been times that I have considered suicide. Harsh, but depressed. Thank you. I would love to be part of any trial.
N/a - 28-Feb-18 @ 7:26 PM
Hi I have many fillings that I would love to get rid of . Also I have a 5 year old who had suffered with bad teeth
Teeth - 24-Feb-18 @ 1:57 PM
Hello, after reading this and other articles I would very much like to be part of any trials if it would be the right course of action for my problem. I have gum disease which has resulted in bone deterioration of my upper jaw, especially the socket which houses my left front tooth, also this tooth is suffering bone deterioration which has resulted in an ever widening gap with a rapidly receding gum. This has made me so self conscious as I won't smile or laugh without covering my mouth and CERTAINLY won't have pictures taken, otherwise my oral hygiene is great with very few fillings (maybe 2). Hopefully restoring bone loss may make me a viable candidate. Thanks for reading.
Sara - 23-Feb-18 @ 10:28 PM
Hi im a father of 7 kids and a beautiful cna nurse . I know this is 1 in a million but im 36 and loosing my teeth i would like to try this out . it would be a blessing to have my teeth back.
Juni - 23-Feb-18 @ 1:28 AM
I would love to be in the clinical study. I don't have any top teeth and have my bottom are gone and the Dentures rub blisters on my gums even if it is right. Thank you very much for reading this
Rissa - 20-Feb-18 @ 11:44 PM
Am facing losing all my teeth due to infection but have No cavities at all just cant imagine having no teeth please help in Arkansas
Rita - 18-Feb-18 @ 9:12 PM
Please!! I would love to be part of this clinical trial.I list all wisdom teeth at 18 as my parents didn't believe in doctors or dentists.Now at 53, I have many fillings and crowns, and a few months ago i had a tooth pulled.My oral surgeon is trying to rebuild the bone with a graft, but one side fell out.Now months later. I still have pain while eating or drinking cold things.
Crystal - 17-Feb-18 @ 7:38 AM
this Research for me wouldn't be life changing it would be life-savingnot being able to smile I was thinking a lot from me it has nothing to do with self-esteem but embarrassment I'm ashamed the type of shame that has led me down a path to a dangerous deep depression that I cannot seem to escape from my personality is that of a Smiler and an individual who loves to laugh but the shame I have has taken the most important part of me away it's affecting my overall health and hygiene I would do almost anything to be a test subject for This research and if it turns out successful I would oweHarvard with my life
T bone - 16-Feb-18 @ 6:37 AM
Hi! it would completely change my life...
dreemweever - 16-Feb-18 @ 12:06 AM
Hi. I would like to be part of this traial. I have missed all the bottom back teeth and really want to regrow my teeth.
Manis - 13-Feb-18 @ 8:01 PM
My 12 year old child, has 2 baby teeth still in & we decided to leave them, so they can keep the teeth properly spaced, but are now starting to be self absorbed by her body & will need to be removed, but her adult teeth that are supposed to be growing behind them, are missing, with no signs of growing anywhere. We don't like the painful options of using the beneslider & mesioslider to remedy this gap. She also doesn't want to have screws & fake teeth. And It dawned on me that there must be a way to regrow teeth, so now I'm on a hunt for someone to do that.
Explorestemcell.Co. - 13-Feb-18 @ 4:03 AM
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