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Stem Cells to Re-attach Teeth

By: Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc - Updated: 20 Jul 2019 | comments*Discuss
Stem Cells Re-attach Teeth Tooth Grow

Tooth loss affects people in Britain and elsewhere around the world. While modern dentistry offers a number of options for missing teeth, these still take time and can be costly.

Helping Treat Tooth Loss

A new experiment, however, suggests we may one day be able to re-attach teeth by using stem cells. People can lose their teeth in many ways but gum disease is a significant problem for many people.

There are estimates that as many as eighty percent of adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. This infection is a very serious one that can ultimately lead to tooth loss later on in life. Other people may suffer trauma and lose their teeth.

A New Way to Battle Tooth Loss

In this recent study, researchers took stem cells from a specific ligament in the molars of mice. They treated these stem cells in the laboratory and then used them on barren molars. Once these molars were inserted back into the empty sockets of the mice, they eventually anchored back into the space.

Healthy Tooth Attachment Using Stem Cells

It was at around two months that stem cells began to create new attachments from the tooth to the bone. The result was that the attachment was a solid one and the re-attachment was considered a success.

As researchers looked at the tissue, they could see that surrounding the tooth were fresh ligament fibers and a substance called cementum, which is another part of a normal tooth connection. When compared to tooth molars that were re-attached without these stem cells, the attachment was unsuccessful.

Growing Teeth Using Stem Cells

Previous studies have looked at ways to grow teeth using stem cells. In another study, researchers used special tooth-shaped scaffolds along with specific proteins and growth factors to draw in stem cells and develop the bone. Perhaps most incredible was the fact that this growth occurred in only nine weeks. It’s a new direction of stem cell studies that can offer another potential option for people who lose their teeth.

Even more unique is that it works by attracting stem cells already in the person’s body rather than requiring an injection of stem cells from a donor. The quick recovery time and natural use of the body’s own resources would make this a particularly attractive dental treatment one day.

A Novel Treatment for Tooth Loss

For the study that looked at re-attaching teeth using stem cells, it is the first time that such a treatment has successfully been performed. It is thought that it would be valuable for those people who have experienced trauma and lost a tooth. This might be an athlete or someone who is in a car accident. In particular, it may be used for the significant numbers of people who suffer from severe gum disease and experience tooth loss.

Dental Implants Continue as a Treatment of Choice

Until then, there are still dental implants and these are largely successful. But a new stem cell treatment that utilises the body’s own resources to quickly re-attach teeth would be a welcome addition to dental options for missing teeth.

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Hi i would love to get the opportunity to be a advocate for stem cells i was mal nutrition in my pregnancy and couldnt afford the dental plan the dentist has recommended . Inam a mother of 2 and i am disabled due to a slip and fall i cant work and have been to a handful of dentist to just be turned down cus i cant afford the work a. Ive been humiliated and emabarassed to even smile please help me to regain my insecurity and be able to smile again it would nean the world to me thanks
Cj - 20-Jul-19 @ 8:30 PM
Please can Ibe a volunteer for the stem cell research. I am available anytime.
Please - 19-Jul-19 @ 12:45 AM
Hi i was wondering if you could save my teeth. I had a injury to one of my front tooth due to DV and was told i would loose it later in life. Well its now that time that my front tooth has become lose and aboutbto fall out. Ive been told i have gum disease andcwas wondering if there is anything help or treatment i could get. If there is away to save my teeth it would be a miracle. It has effected my smile and my confidence. I love to smile but gerling very conscious. Thank you
Zimzima - 8-Jul-19 @ 3:36 PM
I am 37 years old lost most my teeth have gaps and I am desperate to find a way to be able to smile with confidence. Please can I be notified of any kind of treatment available to me regarding stem cells thank you
Sadie - 29-May-19 @ 4:35 AM
I'm a very conscious person about teeth.Having big fillings in my mouth and interested to know when tooth will grow with stem cells.
Mary - 24-May-19 @ 3:27 PM
Iam Hari nath.In a accident my twofront upper incisorsteeths are broken. Attached with caps. But still causing so much pain.Please inform about this technology when it came in to practise
Hari - 23-Apr-19 @ 5:44 AM
the crown from a root canal I had done 18 years ago just fell out number 19 which is a very important molar in the lower back left. I am a person with fibromyalgia extreme sinusitis and other disabilities I cannot handle an implant plus I have gun laws so I have to have a bone graft and I read the there's only a 50-50 chance that I would be able to successfully have an implant without encountering much more suffering and torture than what it's worth. It seems really inefficient to compromise a two teeth around it which are in perfectly good shape and have two teeth with titanium crowns do the work for 3 teeth.additionally dentures are not an option for me I have girlfriends who have that and it just doesn't work it causes more pain and problems and other substantial increased bone loss and gum loss and gum disease no matter how well you take care and maintain the dentures NONE OF THESE OPTIONS SHOULD BE PURSUED FOR MOST PEOPLE.no wonder there are so many people in the United States that don't have any teeth and they look like they're walking ghosts or zombies and their faces are all crunched up totally unattractive and a pandemic which has to be addressed. HELP
Christine Peterson - 18-Mar-19 @ 6:26 AM
I only 22 and have lost most of my teeth I need stem cell to be available please
r begum - 17-Mar-19 @ 2:20 PM
I'm only 37 and already have dentures I would love to participate in a study or trial for Stem cell teeth regrowth please send me all information regarding this I'm extremely interested Thank you
Jess - 13-Mar-19 @ 3:06 PM
I'm only 37 and already have dentures I would love to participate in a study or trial for Stem cell teeth regrowth please send me all information regarding this I'm extremely interested Thank you ??
Jess - 13-Mar-19 @ 2:56 PM
hi i was reading up.about dental stem cell therapy i am very interest in this prosedure . i hot 2 implants at Dublin dental hospital Irelandand only with this monthone became like and ithere back one too i got them in for 12 years i persuaded this last life time i paid a lot moneyalso went through the surgery to have screws removed and bone grafting i love stem cell to be available i love to be a volenteer fit thisplease hurry up find research soon and bring it on into dental hospitals for patient's and people that lost teeth kind regards Ann walsh
Annwalsh - 16-Feb-19 @ 8:36 AM
My husband hit me several years ago and knocked out my front tooth, life hasn’t. Been easy since then that was 2010. Since then I had an implant five years later I had it removed because of strange sensations from titanium screw trapped inside my jawbone. 2017 I was optimistic and had a bone graft where implant was previously removed 2016 and went on to have a ceramic implant after surgery I became unwell and had to have that removed. It shows us God created teeth for our mouth not artificial substites and we are not robots, but flesh and blood , natural is always best. Please contact me when you can help, and God bless you
Kitty - 18-Jan-19 @ 12:39 PM
I lost a top front tooth due to trauma, it is very frustrating reading these adverts and still being left in the lerch. Are you currently preforming trials and actually helping people with missing teeth or like every other website getting our hopes up without a date or place for redemption, it’s well due time all this talk of research becomes valid and accessible to the average human. Being please keep me in the know, and God bless you all!!!
Kitty - 18-Jan-19 @ 12:27 PM
What alternative isto healing ainfection from a touth who have rooted canal(25) ? In what condition is possible /probable to use stem cell to regenerate infected area ? Thanks for your help
Alex - 25-Nov-18 @ 9:14 PM
Sir;please update us regularly the current status of this technique..when It will be available?Is it true?why the researchers taking so much time?
Babu - 9-Nov-18 @ 3:44 AM
Please notify me when this facility available....iam from India....
Biki - 25-Oct-18 @ 3:56 AM
I would be interested in more information, and if you have a trial for periodontal disease, involving stems cells, interested in knowing more.
Judy - 4-Oct-18 @ 1:02 AM
I have a tooth missing in the front.....it's Irritating!! I'm told it will cost 6500 to regrow bone and put in an implant. I don't have that kind of cash and can't get credit due to my recent divorce.If you have a trial in South Carolina i would like to try and see if it works. Thank you for your time and Research into this awesome stem cell technology.
Marc - 26-Sep-18 @ 12:40 AM
I had my Jaw broken in 1983 by an abusive partner, whom I subsequently left. Having my teeth wired together to hold my jaw in place led to problem in my gums and resulted in tooth loss and movement. I’m suffering to this day from a collapsed bite and front tooth erosion from chewing in the wrong place. I would be most grateful and appreciative if I were to have the good fortune to be granted a trial in this new venture. Many thanks and Best Wishes Bee
Bee - 19-Aug-18 @ 1:54 PM
sir i have lost some teeth b cos of injury and trauma.i really want to regrow my loss teeth,kindly give me latest information about stem cell dentistry
rb - 21-Jul-18 @ 12:18 AM
I'd love to volunteering for stem cell therapy on broken and damaged teeth.
Me - 14-Jul-18 @ 12:49 AM
I'm a 61 yr old male. My crowns are getting old and two have totally decayed under the crown, broke off and had to be extracted. Two others are scheduled to be pulled from the same decay under the crown and infected root canal. I'm healthy and on no medications or alcohol, and no gum disease. I would be excited to volunteer for stem cell trials.
John - 12-Jul-18 @ 4:51 AM
Hi! I would love information on getting into one of the trials! My tooth loss started with an MVA. Ever since that accident, my teeth just chip away slowly. I have no insurance so I make the partial I have work. I am scared to death that my only tooth up front is probably getting ready to go also. It is such a mental hardship missing teeth. I work in the medical field, still actively play softball from feb-nov. I try not to speak too much due to my tooth loss and I hate it because I love people and to talk. Please help me get into a trial!!!
Dani - 6-Jul-18 @ 7:17 PM
I really do wish this could move forward.I am 36 and have lost all of my teeth from poor dental care, abuse and the partials they used had metal wires that destroyed what teeth did remain. I have went without teeth or dentures for 6 years because i cannot wear them or eat with them.It is extremely embarrassing especially at my age.I have noway of ever affording implants because they make them so expensive and insurance does little to help. This would be life changing for so many in the world currently let alone the amount of peple it could impact overtime.I would definatly do anything to be in a trial so i can feel like me again. It is too bad these things take so long to move forward to a useable point.
Sally - 5-Jul-18 @ 6:20 AM
I am 52 & lost all my teeth due to car accident 30 years ago, I have healthy gums and do not wear dentures. Having no teeth causes you to eat less healthy foods mostly and really has an impact on your social life. haven't smiled for years... It's hard to believe that we can put people in space, grow organs in a lab and clone animals (and I am sure people in secret government labs) yet we can't find a way for people to re-grow teeth. It would be amazing to have a set of real teeth again. If someone needs volunteers for a promising new procedure I would volunteer or a some type of implant trial. Doctors and scientists PLEASE work on this......
Mike - 27-Jun-18 @ 7:39 AM
I am very i terested in volunteering fir stem cell therapy on broken and damaged teeth. Also for Fibromyalgia painand Arthritis. As well as aging. I am 65 but look younger. I truly would like to be in a study as a Canadian. Thank you
CuriousLin - 4-Jun-18 @ 7:25 AM
muje new teeth ugaane ki dwai chahiye please help me .
pushpa - 26-May-18 @ 2:05 AM
@Dior - it takes time to be able to find out if the treatment is safe and to trial whether it has no long term repercussions.
Ade - 22-May-18 @ 12:36 PM
I can not understand why they talk about this technique for years and nothing happens !!! Wake up !!!
Dior - 21-May-18 @ 10:45 PM
Am from India my tooth became sensitive I would like to replace my tooth using stem cell method. When it is going to launch in India. Please let me know.
Nithya - 15-May-18 @ 12:44 PM
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