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Benefits of Stem Cells

By: Ian Murnaghan BSc (hons), MSc - Updated: 24 Oct 2018 | comments*Discuss
Stem Cells Drug Testing Treat Benefits

With all the controversy surrounding stem cells you may have missed hearing about many of the benefits for the health and medical fields. You may not even be aware that stem cells already have many applications for treating disease. Their potential to treat even more diseases in the future means that scientists are working hard to learn about how stem cells function and how they can treat some of the more serious diseases affecting the world.

Stem Cells and Human Development

Stem cells have enormous potential in health and medical research but to fully harness this potential, scientists are studying how stem cells transform, or differentiate, into the diverse range of specialised cells that make humans what they are today. Because diseases such as cancer or conditions such as birth defects are thought to occur because of problems in the differentiation process, an understanding of the development that happens in normal cells will help scientists treat the developmental errors that can occur.

Stem Cells and Cell-Based Therapies

Another potential application of stem cells is to form cells and tissues for medical therapies. Currently, it is donated organs and tissues that are substituted for damaged or dysfunctional ones. Sadly, the number of people awaiting a transplant is much higher than the number of available organs. Transplant waiting lists are enormous and many people die awaiting transplants. Stem cells offer a viable source of replacement cells to treat diseases and can potentially reduce the morbidity and mortality for those awaiting transplants. Some of the areas that stem cells can benefit include:
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Type I diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Burn victims
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Potential to Reverse Diseases

By directing stem cells to differentiate into specialised cell types, there is the exciting possibility to provide a renewable source of replacement cells for those suffering from diseases.

The potential to reverse diseases is also not a foreign one.

Heart Attack - For example, a patient who has suffered from a heart attack and sustained heart damage could have the damaged tissue replaced by healthy new muscle cells.

Parkinson's Disease - The destruction of brain cells in conditions such as Parkinson's disease can hopefully be reversed with the replacement of new, healthy and functioning brain cells.

Genetic Defects - Even more promising is the potential to address genetic defects that are present from birth by restoring function and health with the introduction of normal healthy cells that do not have these defects.

Burn Victims

Burn victims tend to endure an enormous amount of pain from their wounds as well as frustration from the challenges of healing. Instead of donor tissues being donated, stem cells could be used to produce new and healthy tissues. This is essentially similar to therapies already being used, such as bone marrow transplants, where stem cells create different specialised blood cells.

Scientists aim to locate and remove specific stem cells from a tissue and then trigger them to differentiate outside of the body before transplanting them back into the patient to replace damaged tissues. In burn victims, a very small piece of the skin can be progressively grown, allowing doctors to cover a burn that is often much larger than the original size of the skin piece.

Stem Cells and Drug Testing

Stem cells have an important benefit for the pharmaceutical field. New drugs can be tested on stem cells to assess their safety before testing drugs on animal and human models. For example, a cancer cell line could be created to test an anti-tumour drug. If the conditions can be perfectly replicated, testing drugs could provide very accurate results.

The current benefits of stem cell usage are already well documented and it is expected that continued research will pave the way for new treatments. For those suffering from serious diseases, stem cells offer hope for effective treatment or perhaps even a reversal of the disease. Time will confirm the full success of stem cell therapies and continued research should teach us more about using stem cells to treat debilitating medical conditions.

Check out the features on stem cell therapy on this site for more information.

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Stem cell research has enormous benefits in medical applications. When looking at the advantages of the use of stem cells to help cure diseases such as Parkinson's diseases, heart defects, Leukemia, burn injuries and organ transplantation, the ethical controversy holds no value. In medical applications, one of the greatest benefits to me is the use of stem cell for organ transplantation. I agree to what was said above pertaining to this since stem cells can be used to regenerate organs as a relatively immediate solution instead of having a patient on a waiting list and prolonging their suffering and curb the mortality rate. I also see stem cells as being very beneficial for testing new medications in the pharmaceutical industry. This holds great advantage since less testing would be done on animals and reduces the chance of putting one at risk. In the medical industry stem cell research opens up the door for great impacts and improvements in human life and with modern technology there is yet to discover many more fascinating and significant advantages.
Vinny - 23-Oct-18 @ 4:26 PM
This article is everything I've been thinking since I began learning about Stem Cell Research. It briefly touches on all the positives and unbelievable benefits of Stem Cells to human beings and the general health care industry. From my personal perspective I think that Stem Cell Research should be encouraged despite all the controversy. I understand why people would think that this is taboo to some extent but in the long run it has great potential for saving human life. Stem Cells have an unlimited developmental potential and are full of secrets, from developing treatments to reverse degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Type 1 Diabetes to perfectly replicating conditions to test the effectiveness and safety of drugs.The promotion and progression of Stem Cell Research would determine it all. This would be a step forward, a way in which we can preserve human life and provide long awaiting comfort to patients and their families.
rajiv98 - 23-Oct-18 @ 2:33 PM
Good Day, Thank you for highlighting that there is a controversy around the topic of stem cell research, then full explaining the benefits. I do believe that stem cell research is extremely valuable, since cells are the building blocks of life, it is important to understand how usage of these stem cells can improve the livelihood of individuals with incurable diseases. I am a university student majoring in biology. I am currently learning about stems and it application to medicine. Stem cells are the reservoir for when the specialized cells can no longer make copies of themselves and are used up, it is intriguing to say the less that the function of stem cells can step in... These stem cell divide into two daughter cell: one becomes specialized and one regenerates back into a stem cell. I have learnt that stem cells can help with individuals that have Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart diseases and also burnt victims. I totally agree with you that instead of numbers of individuals waiting on organ transplant and may potential die, the application of stem cell therapy should be applied. It is remarkable that these stem cells have the potential to reverse diseases, thank you for highlight this to me. Your website has opened my eyes to the benefits of stem cell research and how it not only can helps an individual of this generation but the more search that is done would help generations to come. Thank you for the informative information of the benefits of stem cell research.
Lenora Williams - 23-Oct-18 @ 3:11 AM
I am truly sorry for you guys. I hope that one day this reserch helps everyone.
Unknown - 14-Oct-18 @ 7:34 PM
Can stem cell shrink uterus fibroid?
Amah - 2-Sep-18 @ 5:47 PM
pleasecan I usethe stem cell to cure hypertension?.how to get it? how mush is the drug.thanks
jokfis - 27-Aug-18 @ 7:07 AM
pls can I use it for hypertension, an d how to use, and how to get it thank
Jokfis - 27-Aug-18 @ 7:01 AM
i have a question.can this stem cell get rid of ovarian cyst?
stacy - 24-Aug-18 @ 1:59 AM
sir.if there is any cure in brain cancer.4th stage of cancer.pl give advise.
Das - 20-Aug-18 @ 5:46 PM
Is the twin stem cell can cure type 2 diabetic
Thoibi - 9-Jul-18 @ 12:22 PM
I have a kaposiform hemangioendothelioma. Can stem cell cure a vascular anomaly?
min - 4-Jul-18 @ 3:29 AM
Can double stemcellbe good for hepatitis?
Kdonzo22 - 23-Jun-18 @ 4:51 PM
Is stem cell treatment can cure vitiligo
Tina - 16-May-18 @ 8:30 PM
Can stem cells helps to cure metastatic bone cancer.????
Chinki - 12-May-18 @ 5:34 AM
My symptoms started at the age of 46. My fingers on my left hand were stiff and were difficult to move. People noticed that my walk was not normal. I was often asked did I hurt. I noticed nothing different about my walk. It was difficult getting up from` a chair and getting out of a car. I was diagnosed a year later and i have to find a better solution and was introduced to try the help of herbal formula. I am now 59 tho and am fully cured from Parkinson's disease. contact Total Cure Herbal Foundation on:Totalcureherbalfoundation@ gmailcomi had to use the remedies for 15 weeks usage which really help on my condition. Ava
jose ava - 4-May-18 @ 5:30 PM
I mother having ILD (asathama) giving oxygen 24 hours by concentrator. Stem cell can help to getwelsoon. please help me
neeraj - 24-Mar-18 @ 1:40 PM
Is twinstem product is effective for bp stroke patient?
Manama - 22-Mar-18 @ 7:41 PM
Is Twin Stem is usefulfordisk problem and Spondylolysis what is the dossage please reply
krishna - 18-Mar-18 @ 2:01 PM
Is stem cell cure haptocellular carcinoma ? Please reply
Rehan - 21-Feb-18 @ 6:43 AM
@daboy - no, but going to your doctors to get medication will help this.
Jody - 19-Feb-18 @ 2:57 PM
I have suffering blood pressure low so I am fainted frequently .Is twin stem cure 100%?
daboy - 17-Feb-18 @ 1:59 AM
I think cure of all diseases by steam cell are on research based not 100% sure
Dm - 16-Feb-18 @ 6:22 PM
this was super helpful for my paper, thanks!
bri - 15-Feb-18 @ 5:49 AM
I am a 47-year-old man. My Parkinson's disease appeared at the age of 39. My symptoms, at the beginning, were fine tremors and rigidity with joint stiffness. I was taking entacapone with levodopa, carbidopa, and pramipexole. My Parkinson's disease was under control, but not totally reversed. After countless hours of online research and trial & error. What worked for me was Parkinson's disease herbal remedy I purchased from Best Health Herbal Centre. I only used the Parkinson's disease herbal remedy for five weeks. Now my Parkinson's disease is totally reversed, am totally free. I am so grateful for my success all thanks to Best Health Herbal Centre...
SETHG6 - 14-Feb-18 @ 7:28 AM
Im reading these comments and I am truly sorry for those with loved ones going through some harsh diseases. If any of you see this I'm here to let you know that you can be strong. And for those that have a loved one with a disease that may be terminal, i want you to create memories with that person until the end. Don't blame yourself you will get through this.
Anonymous - 11-Feb-18 @ 10:05 PM
Can stem cell cure muscular dystrophy? If yes, how many tabs can 1 take to cure it.
Mary willie - 22-Jan-18 @ 10:32 PM
Is Twin Stem Cure leucoderma And Vitiligo
Akash - 18-Jan-18 @ 10:33 AM
My son has sensorinal hearing losss....will stem cells help him...plsss rly
Sayali - 17-Jan-18 @ 5:52 PM
Is this helpful to cure a nervous system disease called cerebellum pulse?
Tinku - 8-Jan-18 @ 6:09 AM
Will it be cured my joint pain by using this stem cell
Wang - 26-Dec-17 @ 4:42 PM
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