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If you are finding it difficult to understand stem cells, you should know that many other people share your struggle. To make it easier for everyone, we have created a website that covers all you need to know about the topic. With regular updates and a language that speaks clearly, we hope that you will understand the potential of stem cells and how they might play a role in your life or that of someone you know.
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Case Studies
Case Studies: Restoring Eyesight After Chemical Burns: A Case Study, Stem Cell...
Classifying Stem Cells
Classifying Stem Cells: Pluripotent Stem Cells, Totipotent Stem Cells,...
More About Stem Cells
More About Stem Cells: Information and Resources for Stem Cells, Solving...
Stem Cell Basics
Stem Cell Basics: Why are Stem Cells Important?, Properties of a Stem Cell, What are...
Stem Cell Problems
Stem Cell Problems: Stem Cell Controversy, Concerns About Stem Cells, How Alcohol Affects...
Stem Cell Sources
Stem Cell Sources: Using Stem Cells from Fat, Adult Stem Cells, Stem Cells from...
Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy: Why Perform a Stem Cell Transplant?, Peripheral Blood Stem Cell...
Uses for Stem Cells
Uses for Stem Cells: Stem Cells for Leukaemia, Stem Cell Treatments...
Latest Comments
  • Chazaboi
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    I'm growing concerned about my left testicle. It has be steadily growing at the rate of about half a cm a year. I know embryos can help me…
    19 January 2017
  • Imon
    Re: Stem Cells to Treat Blindness
    Hi, My baby born at 32 weeks with 1200g. He was in NICU for 37 days. He is suffering Rop stage 5. Now he is 9 month. I check up…
    18 January 2017
  • Demarco
    Re: Stem Cell Research Around the World
    I had a stroke. Right arm doesn't work very good and my speech does not.
    17 January 2017
  • Carolha
    Re: Stem Cells to Treat Blindness
    Hi. My son is 9 years old and he had optic atrophy and we don't know what the cause is. His vision has been decreasing…
    16 January 2017
  • aliv
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    Does double stem cell clear fibroids and open blocked tubes
    16 January 2017
  • aliciak
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    My question is, does double stem cells remove fibroids and open blocked fallopian tubes?
    16 January 2017
  • We are running out o
    Re: Stem Cells for Stroke Victims
    I'm writing on behalf of my twin brother. He has unfortunately had air go to the brain and also clots, the story is to long to…
    14 January 2017
  • Miss Spain
    Re: Improving Memory With Stem Cells
    I was hit by a 5ft piece of metal at the back of my head at 50mph, 11 months later I went blind, lost my speech and went…
    14 January 2017
  • salem930
    Re: Stem Cells to Re-attach Teeth
    Hello I too would love to be considered for stem cell regeneration of teeth. If you should ever need someone for these trials…
    14 January 2017
  • Lucy
    Re: Stem Cells for Stroke Victims
    I have been following stem cell therapy for stroke with interest and have volunteered for clinical trials with no luck. Usually I…
    13 January 2017
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