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If you are finding it difficult to understand stem cells, you should know that many other people share your struggle. To make it easier for everyone, we have created a website that covers all you need to know about the topic. With regular updates and a language that speaks clearly, we hope that you will understand the potential of stem cells and how they might play a role in your life or that of someone you know.
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Case Studies
Case Studies: Restoring Eyesight After Chemical Burns: A Case Study, Stem Cell...
Classifying Stem Cells
Classifying Stem Cells: Pluripotent Stem Cells, Totipotent Stem Cells,...
More About Stem Cells
More About Stem Cells: Information and Resources for Stem Cells, Solving...
Stem Cell Basics
Stem Cell Basics: Why are Stem Cells Important?, Properties of a Stem Cell, What are...
Stem Cell Problems
Stem Cell Problems: Stem Cell Controversy, Concerns About Stem Cells, How Alcohol Affects...
Stem Cell Sources
Stem Cell Sources: Using Stem Cells from Fat, Adult Stem Cells, Stem Cells from...
Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy: Why Perform a Stem Cell Transplant?, Peripheral Blood Stem Cell...
Uses for Stem Cells
Uses for Stem Cells: Stem Cells for Leukaemia, Stem Cell Treatments...
Latest Comments
  • girish
    Re: Stem Cells to Treat Blindness
    Is stem cell therapy useful in wet ARMD cases
    25 October 2014
  • Ali
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    @Jeffandi - stem cell treatment is still in its very early stages and Haematopoietic (blood) stem cell transplants (HSCT) are currently…
    24 October 2014
  • Jeffandi
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    My husband is a stage 4 head and neck cancer survivor of 6 years. He never smoked, he has always been an incredibly fit man. He just…
    24 October 2014
  • richides
    Re: Therapeutic Cloning
    how to exactly remove the nucleus from a human somatic cell
    22 October 2014
  • ExploreStemCells
    Re: History of Stem Cell Research
    @Yusef - I'm not sure about the first animal trial but the The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first clinical…
    22 October 2014
  • Yusuf Syed
    Re: History of Stem Cell Research
    I want to ask about discovery of stem cells, first animal trial and first clinical trial on human. Thank you
    22 October 2014
  • amaad
    Re: History of Stem Cell Research
    Where are your sources? It seems as though it was done with little effort put into it (the spelling errors, the way it ended off,…
    22 October 2014
  • June
    Re: Stem Cells to Treat Blindness
    @sandy Professor Keith Martin at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is conducting lots of research into Glaucoma such as…
    21 October 2014
  • mina
    Re: Bone Repair With Stem Cells
    @Optimistic AboutStem - you might have heard the news today about a paralysed man who has been able to walk again after a…
    21 October 2014
  • sandy
    Re: Stem Cells to Treat Blindness
    pls doctor my husband was diagnosed of glaucoma 14 years ago and he had been using eyedrops for glaucoma and had gone for…
    21 October 2014
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