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If you are finding it difficult to understand stem cells, you should know that many other people share your struggle. To make it easier for everyone, we have created a website that covers all you need to know about the topic. With regular updates and a language that speaks clearly, we hope that you will understand the potential of stem cells and how they might play a role in your life or that of someone you know.
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Case Studies
Case Studies: Restoring Eyesight After Chemical Burns: A Case Study, Stem Cell...
Classifying Stem Cells
Classifying Stem Cells: Pluripotent Stem Cells, Totipotent Stem Cells,...
More About Stem Cells
More About Stem Cells: Information and Resources for Stem Cells, Solving...
Stem Cell Basics
Stem Cell Basics: Why are Stem Cells Important?, Properties of a Stem Cell, What are...
Stem Cell Problems
Stem Cell Problems: Stem Cell Controversy, Concerns About Stem Cells, How Alcohol Affects...
Stem Cell Sources
Stem Cell Sources: Using Stem Cells from Fat, Adult Stem Cells, Stem Cells from...
Stem Cell Therapy
Stem Cell Therapy: Why Perform a Stem Cell Transplant?, Peripheral Blood Stem Cell...
Uses for Stem Cells
Uses for Stem Cells: Stem Cells for Leukaemia, Stem Cell Treatments...
Latest Comments
  • Mary willie
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    Can stem cell cure muscular dystrophy? If yes, how many tabs can 1 take to cure it.
    22 January 2018
  • Vanessa
    Re: Stem Cells to Re-attach Teeth
    Hi all, I had cancer at the age of 14. I was never told that I should have treatment on my teeth when I was on the treatment for…
    21 January 2018
  • Wyer
    Re: Stem Cells to Re-attach Teeth
    Just had all my teeth pulled out last week and looking at getting implants in the next 4 months. So reading this information is…
    21 January 2018
  • Rolando
    Re: Stem Cells for Stroke Victims
    I had a hemorrhagic stroke on June 13 2017 .I walk with a walker and brace. Go to PT and feel like I have platued . I was almost…
    20 January 2018
  • Bouthina
    Re: Ovarian Function and Stem Cells
    Dear Dr. Thank you for Giving hope for woman to have a a by especially this a desir for all woman. I would like to ask is…
    20 January 2018
  • Berna
    Re: Stem Cells for Stroke Victims
    Had an eschemic right side stroke in 2009. Left side debilitated. Shoulder (subluxation) particularly affected, so much so it has…
    18 January 2018
  • Akash
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    Is Twin Stem Cure leucoderma And Vitiligo
    18 January 2018
  • Sayali
    Re: Benefits of Stem Cells
    My son has sensorinal hearing losss....will stem cells help him...plsss rly
    17 January 2018
  • James
    Re: MS and Stem Cells
    I'm post hemorrhagic stroke patient for 3 years now. I have weaknesses in my upper and lower limbs making it difficult to walk properly. Which…
    16 January 2018
  • Flowerlady
    Re: Stem Cells to Re-attach Teeth
    My man on my face book Had all front teeth accident at 12 False teeth drove him crazy n false aquized sex offense made him now…
    16 January 2018
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